FDL School District Seeks Modernized Agreement With FDL Baseball Inc

With two-weeks left in a 30-year-old lease between the Fond du Lac School District and Fond du Lac Baseball, Inc. it appears the school district is ready to have the Recreation Department run the youth baseball program. The lease pertains to the three baseball diamonds and one softball diamond directly adjacent to Woodworth Middle School. District Superintendent Jim Sebert says the district wants a more modernized lease. He says they want the understanding that anything built on school district property has to become school district property and they don’t like the threat of having it removed. He says they also want to know when someone is going to make a modification to the property. He says they also want Baseball, Inc. to follow district protocols when it comes to naming rights. He also says the school district shouldn’t have to pay $4,200 a year to Baseball, Inc. to allow school district teams to play on fields owned by the district.  He also says scheduling of practice and games could be improved by utilizing high school staff and the Recreation Department.  Baseball, Inc. President Dr. Tim Twohig told the school board yesterday they have put in more than $1 million in improvements in the last 30 years and volunteers have put in thousands of man hours for the baseball program. Another speaker said Baseball, Inc. wanted to come to the school board about the contract, but that Sebert felt it would only make things worse.