FDL School District STEM Programs Highlight Of California Conference

The Fond du Lac School District’s STEM Academy and Institute will be highlighted during the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) Patterns of Innovation Conference in California next month. The district was named a P21 Exemplar in the 2013-14 school year. “Since that point we have done some ongoing work with P21. I have had the opportunity to write a few blogs if you will or different articles that have been presented and by P21.” District Superintendent Jim Sebert says during the conference they will be trying to help people across the country to replicate the STEM experience and that type of opportunity. He says, “It’s really I think a compliment to Fond du Lac and not just the school district, but the entire community of Fond du Lac that we are thought of this way and recognized in this way and have this incredible partnership that really keeps growing.” In addition to Sebert, Mercury Marine Engineer and STEM Governance Board Member Kevin Anderson, and STEM Principal Tim Scottberg will be presenting at the March 28th conference.