FDL School District Uses Exit Surveys For Teachers

The superintendent of the Fond du Lac School District believes a new report that includes an exit survey for teachers leaving the district will be a good tool for them. In the first two years after the passage of Act 10, 54 teachers retired from the district and there were no resignations. Since the 2011-12 school year there have been 83 retirements and 179 resignations. Superintendent Jim Sebert says teacher longevity in a district has changed since Act 10. On average a district loses about 10 percent of its teaching staff each year and the Fond du Lac School District averages 8.9 percent. Sebert and Curriculum, Instruction and Pupil Services Director Danica Lewis will be doing a presentation on attracting and retaining the millennial generation to teaching. They will do that presentation during a school board convention next January. Sebert says in the era of teacher shortages the district has done some really nice things. Twenty-four teachers participated in the district’s latest exit survey. The overwhelming majority (20) felt they were making a positive contribution to the District and that it was a good place to work.