FDL School District Working on Referendum Questions for Future Improvements

The Fond du
School District

is taking a look at a recent community survey to figure out how to craft
potential referendum questions for the April ballot. Superintendent Jim Sebert
tells us the survey feedback and opinions from the Fond du Lac School Board are being taken into

Sebert says “we’ve
started to – with the district team, Bray, and CD Smith – work backwards from
the $145 [million] and start to prioritize based on what the survey told us was
important to the community. So we’re down right now to about $109 million, and
so – get their feedback, answer any questions that they have – as we keep
preparing and continuing to move our way down into the $90 million ballpark.”

When it comes to exactly where that money would go, Sebert adds that “we’re making really nice progress. We are focused heavily on areas of the survey that are important to the public, which are safety and security, building exterior – roofs, windows, things like that, parking lots – and building systems, the HVAC, the innards of the building that make it function. And with buildings as they age, those are important things to do.”

If all things go well, Sebert hopes to “be in the position for a special meeting that we’re planning for Monday, December 17th where the board would ultimately approve the question or questions, you can have up to two that would be on a referendum ballot in April of 2019.”

Once the question or questions are approved, Sebert says it would allow the district to get out on the circuit from January until April to talk about more specific plans for the future.