FDL Schools Prepare for New Year

The new school year is less than a month away, and the Fond du Lac School District is gearing up for classes to be in session. Superintendent Jim Sebert tells us all of the administrative roles are filled – but there are still some teaching and other positions open around the district. 

Sebert says “we’re getting there, and it’s not uncommon to have a few things left open at this time. And we’re trying to find the best possible people we can, so we’ll get there. And by the time we get to September 4th, we’ll have it all wrapped up.”

Sebert adds that there is also an early Jumpstart program to give students an extra boost with either their education ahead of the school year, saying “it’s a great way to connect the kids that maybe need that little extra boost or that extra relational component to get an opportunity to get to know their teacher and have some opportunities to come to school and get some type of teaching. It might be some remedial math, it might be some reading help, it might be some leadership type opportunities.”

Sebert also mentions that there will be some additional healthy options for students this year with “some fresh fruit and vegetable grants we’re going to talk about at Riverside, Chegwin, and Parkside. Those are through the state, they come through federal dollars and we get to have kids exposed to an incredible different amount of fruits and vegetables.”