FDL Schools Send Out Community Survey

Fond du Lac residents should keep a close eye on their mail over the next few days – as the Fond du Lac School District sends out a lengthy community survey. Superintendent Jim Sebert says the survey – which will ask about the opinions of community members on several different projects the district hopes for help in funding – is set to arrive in your mailbox as early as today. 

He tells us “it’ll be very easily recognizable. It’s an eight-page that will have a self-address envelope with it. You can take it on paper and send it back in that envelope or drop it off at a local school if you prefer, it’s all confidential. Or there’s a code that’s on the survey and you can enter that into your computer and take it online.”

Sebert adds that “we knew we would have facility projects that – we do as many as we can,
but it’s a big district. We have 1.52 million square feet of facilities to take
care of and we can’t keep up with everything through the traditional budget. So
we knew we would have debt falling off – and often times that’s a great time to
think about asking the community to help you do a few additional projects.”

Sebert also says the responses could help shape the goals of upcoming referendums, as “it ultimately asks the community for their perspective on which of those buckets are important to them – and then accordingly shows the dollar amount of each of those buckets, which adds up to 145 [million dollars], and then asks at the end what would be your tax tolerance. And it gives people the opportunity to say maybe I’d be comfortable there.”