FDL Schools Superintendent On School Safety

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says he’s pleased to see the state provide $100 million to make schools safer. Sebert notes entrances to schools in the district are safe and secure and monitored by cameras so people can be buzzed in. But he’d like to see more of them have an entrance similar to Rosenow Elementary, which was put when the school was being upgraded. He says, “The doors are locked. When you enter those doors you are contained within a vestibule with another set of locked doors and within that vestibule is the secretary and a window for you to be identified and determine your purpose and establish your purpose for being in the building.” The legislation Governor Scott Walker signed into law Monday does not contain a provision that would allow the arming of school staff or teachers. Sebert feels the only people who should be armed are the school resource officers they have in their middle schools and the high school. He says, “Staff on the other side I just don’t know that we, certainly we could go through the training we could have, but we don’t go through the same types of training that police officers go through.” Sebert doesn’t feel weapons should be allowed on school grounds and points out that even the guns used by the High School trap shooting team are kept off premise.