FDL Sheriff’s Office Helps Rescue Dog from Ice on Lake Winnebago

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Dive Team was called to
help rescue a dog that was stuck on the ice on Lake Winnebago Friday evening.
Callers to the County Communication Center first reported the black lab out on
the ice at 5:20 pm. The dog was about a half to three-quarters of a mile off of
the south shore of the lake and was on an area of ice located between open
water. The dog had gotten loose from its leash at its home in the area of
Cotton and Main Streets in Fond du Lac earlier in the afternoon. The Dive and
Rescue team was able to get close to the dog using the Sheriff’s Amphibious
Rescue Craft, and got the dog to run back towards shore. Once the dog was on
shore, it continued to run away from its owner, sheriff’s deputies and other
people who had gathered to help. The dog was eventually captured by its owner
and sheriff’s deputies near the dead end of Water Street near Scott Street
around 7:30 pm.