FDL Street Projects Get Preliminary Approval

Fond du Lac street projects for this year got preliminary approval this week. The City Council unanimously passed a preliminary resolution for improvements to areas of First, Adams, Ellis Streets, Elm Tree Lane, South Seymour, Grove and Tompkins Streets. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff told the Council the City’s assessment rates for street improvement projects compare well to what other cities charge. He says, “Our assessment rates in Fond du Lac are relatively minor compared to many communities. Basically residents/ property owners would have to pay one-fourth of curb and gutter costs, which would be about $3 per linear foot of frontage. And so it is usually a few hundred dollars per property and usually doesn’t generate much controversy.” Skiff expects to bring a final resolution for the improvements back to the Council next month. He says, “A final resolution and a public hearing will come before you probably at the February 28th meeting. In between now and then we will have a public information meeting for residents to come on February 7th. And so certainly any questions about their specific property but also about this assessment could be asked at that time.”