FDL Swat Team Deployed Thursday Evening

A late Thursday evening incident in Fond du Lac caused concern with the FDL Police Department, initially resulting in the SWAT Team being called into action. FDL Police received a call earlier in the evening from an Illinois Police Department, asking for assistance in what they termed a “non-custodial kidnapping”, involving a 5-year old child that had occurred earlier in the day. 

Assistant Chief of Operations with the FDL PD, Steve Klein, told KFIZ News that, based on the medical condition of the child, he was listed as missing and possibly in danger. The Illinois Department asked that FDL PD check on a residence located on 3rd Street, in Fond du Lac. There was reason to believe that both vehicle that transported the child out of Illinois, and the child might be at the residence. In addition to the medical concern, there was concern that, based on initial information from Illinois as well as safety concerns from the FDL PD given the suspect’s previous criminal history, SWAT Team deployment was the best next step. 

While the team was being deployed, additional info was delivered from Illinois, indicating there were no longer any immediate concerns of danger to the child, and was more of a child custody dispute between the parents of the child. The SWAT Team was then asked to “stand down” without any further action taken. The incident remains under investigation as the FDL Police Department works with the Illinois agency regarding any further developments.