FDL Teens Face Obstruction Charges

Two teenagers will face obstruction charges after calling 911 and claiming they were abducted.

The thirteen and fifteen-year old females called to report the apparent abduction Sunday just past 11:00 p.m., saying they woke up naked, cold, and lying in the Menard’s parking lot on Hwy. 23., and had no idea how they got there.

A father of one of the girls had also received an anonymous text, which said “If you don’t find her in 24-hours, I will kill her. Good Luck.”

Investigation showed the two girls had fabricated the story because they were afraid of getting in trouble for violating curfew, so they came up with the abduction story.

In addition to the False Claim charge, the two will also be charged with Filing a False Police Report and misuse of 911.