FDL Water Advisory Remains In Effect

Although the weather is improving the threat of freezing water service lines remains high. The City of Fond du Lac Water Utility is asking all customers to continue using water a minimum of 5 full minutes three times per day until April 1st.  Pipes are still freezing if left inactive for extended periods of time – such as a weekend when the customer is away from home. Additionally, customers that have experienced frozen water lines this winter, or received a letter from the City to continuously run water, MUST continue to do so until April 1st. The customer will be responsible for thawing any water lines that refreeze due to water being turned off.  Higher temperatures can fool us into thinking there is no longer a risk. But with frost depths exceeding 5 feet, it will take time for the ground to warm up. Please contact the Water Business Office at 322-3680 with questions.