FDL Water Bill Online Payment System Taken Down After Breach

The City of Fond du Lac water bill online payment system has been taken down until it can be rebuilt. Fond du Lac Credit Union officials reached out to the City after noticing some credit card customers were victims of fraudulent purchases. The City’s online water bill payment system happened to be the common point for those customers.  Dave Zittlow is the Manager of Information Technology Services for the City. He says residents who made payments using the online system between August and October may have had their credit card numbers compromised. A total of 141 customers of the Fond du Lac Credit Union used the City’s payment site and 24 experienced fraud reports on their credit cards after using it. Zittlow says if you are a victim of credit card fraud it typically starts with small “test” purchases that show up on your credit card bill. Dunkin’ Donuts, Grubhub, iTunes and even charities are some of the sites used for those “test” purchases. The City took down its water bill online payment system on December 13th so it could be rebuilt.