FDL Woman Gets Probation For Pit Bull Mistreatment

A 31-year-old Fond du Lac woman has been placed on probation for two years for animal mistreatment and disorderly conduct charges. Amanda Muellenbach pled guilty to the two charges in Fond du Lac County Court. She and two others were involved in selling a dog to a woman who bought it as a Christmas present last year. The woman noticed a gash on the dog that was infected. Muellenbach allegedly told the woman she and the two owners would pay the vet bills if police weren’t called.  The leash was supposedly kept on the pit bull so the defendants didn’t have to chase him in the backyard. A veterinarian told investigators the harness must have been placed on the dog while it was a puppy because it became imbedded as it grew.  Muellenbach was also sentenced to two days in jail. As for the two co-defendants in June 43-year-old Amy Shaw of Fond du Lac was sentenced to two years probation and 5 days in Jail. Last month 52-year-old Daniel Eisenach of Fond du Lac was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 30 days in jail.