FDL Woman Sentenced After Stealing Money from Elderly Woman

A 54-year-old Fond du Lac woman has been sentenced to jail
time for stealing thousands of dollars from a 97-year-old woman she was caring
for. Margaret Meyers was sentenced to eight months in jail last week after
being found guilty of a charge of Theft of Movable Property. Meyers was found
guilty of the charge due to a “No Contest” plea. Two other charges were read
into the record and dismissed.

Charges were filed against Meyers early last year after the
victim’s credit union came forward to report suspicions that Meyers had been manipulating
the victim into approving withdrawals from her accounts. Concerns were raised
because Meyers was cashing $750 twice a week from the victim’s account. In
total, Meyers withdrew over $310,000 in over three and a half years. She
reportedly told investigators she had a family member with a drug addiction and
that she was getting threatening phone calls demanding money. Meyers said the
money was going toward that family member’s addiction.