FDL’s EAB Effort Will Be Prolonged

The effort to keep the emerald ash borer from doing too much damage in the City of Fond du Lac will be a prolonged one. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says they are asking the City Council to budget $200,000 for the effort in 2015 and similar amounts for years after that. He says likely it will require similar funding for a decade or so it will see the City through an infestation. He says the plan is to remove and treat as many ash trees as possible before there is an infestation, remove trees during an infestation, and afterwards continue removal of sick and dying trees and replace them. He says they do have a list of trees on the City’s website that would be good trees to replace the ash trees in City terraces. He says they are in the preliminary stages of looking into a non-stinging wasp that eats EAB larvae and could help reduce the damage to ash trees. Skiff says more than 130 people have already expressed an interest in getting their ash trees treated. Anyone who would like to know more can call 322-3472.