The Director for the Bureau of Consumer Protection for the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection cautions residents to be on the lookout for impostors posing as a Federal Emergency Management Agency representative. Michelle Reinen says with the possibility of severe weather in the coming months scammers will call or show up at the door of residents who have been through a natural disaster. She says, “As we enter the storm season we want to make sure that you pay close attention and don’t’ receive fake FEMA calls, you pay attention to who is knocking on your door and that it is not a FEMA impersonator asking for your personal information.” Those fake FEMA representatives are trying to gather personal information, which they can use for identity theft or to file a claim with FEMA for benefits. Reinen says the FEMA website has a page where you can report fraud. She says, “And there is a disaster fraud section and you can report any suspicious activity and if you end up in a situation where you need to file a claim and you get rejected you can inquire there.” Reinen recommends asking anyone who shows up your door claiming to be with FEMA for their photo ID and credentials.