Female Arrested Following Theft At Sweet And Salty Pig

One person has been arrested following the theft of three purses and cash from an employee closet at the Sweet and Salty Pig in Fond du Lac.

Fond du Lac PD was notified that an unknown male dropped off a female at the restaurant located on W. Pioneer Rd. in Fond du Lac, and then the female walked into the restaurant and entered a closet where staff keeps their personal belongings.

The female then dug through items and took 3 purses while the male kept watch, finally exiting through a back door.

The two suspects took off with about $48 in cash, with the purses being found in the parking lot and returned to its owners.

A number of people recognized the female, identified as 26-year old Brianna Leichtenberg.

An anonymous caller said Leichtenberg was at the Comfort Inn, where police logs show she did not provide details about incident, and would not provide information on the male besides his name was Rick.

Leichtenberg initially claimed the male suspect forced her to take the purses.

The female suspect was arrested for Theft/Moveable Property, and the matter remains under investigation.