Festival Foods Donates $200,000 To Wisconsin United Way Agencies

If anyone knows first-hand the struggles families face right now finding certain items at the grocer stores, it would be anyone in the grocery business. But one grocery store chain is stepping up and giving back.

Skogen’s Festival Foods has announced that they are donating $200,000 to be
divided among United Way organizations in the Wisconsin communities it serves.
“These are unprecedented times, so we don’t know where the greatest needs will be as we navigate
the impacts of Covid-19,” said Mark Skogen, president and CEO of Festival Foods. 

“The United Way
has been a trusted partner of Festival Foods for decades. It is a great organization that matches local
community resources with community needs.”
Among the United Way’s services are helping individuals and families secure food, shelter and
childcare, along with providing countless other services, he said.
“These are the building blocks for a good quality life, and we are confident that this gift will be used
efficiently to help the most people and support our local communities,” Skogen added.