Feyen Has Two Of His Bills Signed Into Law

State Senator Dan Feyen (R- Fond du Lac), released the following statement after Governor Evers acted on five bills last week. 

“Last week the Governor signed two more of my bills into law.

“AB 578 allows a person the option to register as an organ donor when purchasing a hunting, fishing, or trapping license. There are currently over 2,000 Wisconsinites waiting for an organ match and this bill will help to add to our donor database, saving lives.

“AB 759 modifies the parameters for a Wisconsin startup receiving Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) credits. This bill grants an additional twelve months to hit hiring metrics in a year that the startup goes through a business merger or acquisition. While encouraging growth, this bill protects the spirit of the QNBV program by requiring that the company keeps its headquarters in-state and at least 51% of their employees are Wisconsinites.

“I was proud to work on these bipartisan bills and am very happy to see them signed into law.

“As happy as I am to see both of these bills signed, I am incredibly disappointed Governor Evers has vetoed three of my other proposals. AB 940, AB 824, and AB 984.

“AB 940 was a simple bill that required the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation WEDC to submit a plan to the Legislature describing how they intend to use the talent attraction funds we placed in the budget. The Governor called this an “unnecessary interference”, but I fail to see how asking for a plan on how taxpayer money is being spent is either “unnecessary” or an “interference”.

“AB 824 would have created a five year penalty enhancer for committing battery against a corrections employee while in custody. The bill would have also made sure that the five years would be served after any other sentences, rather than during a current sentence. Apparently, the Governor is opposed to holding violent criminals who cause harm to our corrections employees accountable for their crimes.

“AB 984 would have required the UW system to post their admissions requirements online. The Governor claimed that the bill would have “mandated the UW system to only use certain criteria in the admissions process” which is completely incorrect. The bill gave the UW system autonomy in deciding admissions criteria as long as they were letting those who applied know what the criteria is.

“I’m incredibly disappointed, but I should not be surprised after it was announced last week that Governor Evers has now set the record for the most vetoes in a single session.”