Feyen Issues Statement on WEC Non-Action On Undelivered Ballots

The Wisconsin Election Commission announced on Friday that they will not take any action in regards to the undelivered absentee ballots discovered in Milwaukee earlier this week. Republican Senator Dan Feyen, from Fond du Lac, was quick to issue a statement regarding that decision. 

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, Feyen says, “I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated at the Wisconsin Election Commissions refusal to take action. My constituents responsibly asked for ballots two weeks prior to the deadline and never received them even after calling the Oshkosh City Clerk. After learning my constituents’ ballots were sent through the Postal Service, but never delivered, I logged a complaint with the WEC. The WEC discovered that three tubs of absentee ballots were found undelivered in Milwaukee, but is now refusing to act. These voters deserve to receive their ballots, cast their votes, and have them be counted. We need to find out how this happened to make certain it never happens again. I am in agreement with Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin calling for an investigation by the United States Postal Service. We need to restore trust in our absentee voting system.”