Feyen Keeping Busy After Session

State Senator Dan Feyen says he can understand criticism about the legislature being a part-time legislature, but he will have plenty to keep him busy this summer. The Assembly wrapped up its session last month and the Senate will wrap up their session this month.  Feyen says some legislators such as himself will be working on study committees. One of the committees he will be working on has to do with workforce development. He says, “I put in a request to be doing a study committee on workforce development one of the focuses of my office. As you know right now Fond du Lac and Winnebago County, Dodge County the unemployment rate is less than 2.5 percent. So we have a workforce issue so we are doing a study committee to look into that.” The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac will also put in time on a study committee that is looking into our prison facilities. He says, “I’m also on a committee that will look at our prison facilities throughout our state and the direction we need to go with those. With the older ones how do we deal with those, do we replace them, do we upgrade them where is our money best spent there, so?” Feyen says he will also be hosting listening sessions across his district.