Feyen Questions Proposals Suggested in Lame-Duck Session

Many Republican legislators are looking to push through a
series of bills in the lame-duck session that would limit the power of the
incoming Democratic administration. But Republican State Senator Dan Feyen of Fond du Lac isn’t so keen on the ideas being presented. 

Feyen says “I think
we need to come together, work on compromise. We’re not always going to
compromise, we’re going to disagree on some things – but some of the approach
we’re taking on this I don’t 100-percent agree with. It seems a little petty at
times and I wish we’d just get down to doing the good business of the people.”

Feyen agrees that the legislative branch
needs more say in things, but he calls the efforts working against Evers unnecessary. 

He tells us “we should be allowed to have a voice and putting things in place to make sure
that exists is not a bad idea. Removing the governor from the whole equation,
I’m not sure is the best idea. People complain about this on the national level
with not working with Trump – well we need to work with Tony Evers as well. So
I just think that’s something we need to do in the future.”

Feyen wants his colleagues to think about the facts and the long-term future of the state, rather than the partisan short-term goals. 

He points out that “the
reality is, we’re going to have a Democratic governor and a Republican
legislature. And the Republican legislature numbers in the Assembly are very
overwhelming, it’s going to be Republican for a while. The Senate, we have a
pretty solid majority there too – so it’s going to be something the governor is
going to have to work with. Some of the stuff we’re putting in these bills is
good, but some of it I do have concerns with.”

A Republican-controlled legislative committee held a hearing for nine hours Monday before voting along party lines to pass the package of bills just before midnight. The full Senate and Assembly took up the proposals on Tuesday.