Feyen Says Unemployment In WI Is A “Mess”

Nearly 440-thousand Wisconsinites lost their jobs in April, and while we’ve been told more people are being hired to assist in the backlog of unemployment claims, the situation is dire. Senator Dan Feyen (R, Fond du Lac) released the following statement in response to the ongoing unemployment issues at the Department of Workforce Development.

“Unemployment in Wisconsin is a mess. Months after the Safer at Home order sent our State’s economy into a tailspin, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites still haven’t seen any assistance. I’ve heard from countless people who have bills piling up, are facing eviction, or worse; skipping meals in order to provide for their children. It is heartbreaking and completely unacceptable. 

We continue to hear the same story coming from the Department of Workforce Development and the Governor’s Office. We are making progress, they say. We just need time and patience. How much patience can we expect people to have? I have spoken with Secretary Caleb Frostman multiple times and emailed him again today, offering my help asking if there was anything needed legislatively to speed up the process, the answer has been a consistent “no”.

Every single legislative office is inundated with phone calls from real people who need help. People who have called the unemployment office thousands of times without ever getting through. They have been put on hold for hours on end, been hung up on, been told to wait. They cannot wait any longer. People are desperate and their pleas are falling on deaf ears in the Governor’s office and at the DWD. This isn’t politics, it is people’s lives. This administration is failing the people of Wisconsin at the time they need help the most.”