Feyen Supported Bills Passed By The State Senate

The State Senate this session passed six bills State Senator Dan Feyen had a hand in. One bill had to do with non-conforming billboards along our highways; another gives veterans and low-income residents a break on fees for occupational licenses. Feyen says a third bill had to do with cleaning up an issue for the state’s Department of Revenue. State statute allowed businesses to over collect on sales taxes. He says, “If they are warned by the Department of Revenue twice, they would be subject to some penalties for over collecting on sales taxes. For some reason there was some strange law that said they could over collect.” Another bill sets aside $6.8 million the state can use to advertise for workers from outside of the state. Feyen says, “One thing we find from employers throughout the state and really throughout my district is we just need more people. I would be able to expand, but I just can’t find people. And a big part of this campaign will focus on veterans as they are leaving the military.” Another bill would help train employers on how to embed and support employees with disabilities. A final bill has to do with the regulation of drones.