Feyen Supported Raising Revenue Ceiling For Public School Districts

State Senator Dan Feyen supported a bill that will raise the revenue ceiling for public school districts. The bill would set the ceiling at a minimum of $9,400 that can be levied per student and would allow districts to increase that by $100 per student per year for five years. Feyen says it will benefit school districts across the 18th State Senate District. He says, “Right now Fond du Lac is, I do believe at $9,270-something. So this will allow them to go up to $9,400 to get more money in their school district. And that benefits every school district in my area.” He says the first email he got thanking him for supporting the bill was from Waupun Schools Superintendent Tonya Olson. The Waupun School District will get about $1 million more in revenue over a five year period. Feyen heard from other school superintendents as well. He says, “They are all very appreciative of it because it allows them to do some of the things they wanted to do without having to go to referendum or things like that and they can concentrate on running the school the best way they see fit.” Feyen notes legislators have invested $12.3 to $12.4 billion in K-through-12 education funding in the current state budget a record amount.