Feyen Weighs In On Lack Of Action Taken In Special Session

Senator Dan Feyen of Fond du Lac was first to weigh in on the Special Session that met in Madison on Monday. Police reform was to be the topic of conversation for both the state Senate and Assembly, with upwards of nine bills on the table that Governor Evers and others were looking to pass. According to Feyen, “I feel the Legislature was wise to not instantaneously approve unvetted bills with unknown consequences.” 

Feyen went on to say that “government is structured with separation of powers to ensure due diligence in law making, and that passing the nine bills now, would cut the public and key stakeholders out of the law making process.” 

Republicans said that they’ll get to police reform in the new year, and that the assembly has a task force in the works on the issue. Evers said that’s not good enough. He said the failure to act is a letdown for all of Wisconsin.