Feyen Weighs in on State Budget as Gov. Evers Reviews Spending Plan

The State of Wisconsin’s next two-year spending plan is in
the hands of the Governor, after the budget passed both the State Assembly and
State Senate last week. While it’s still unknown how many changes, if any,
Governor Evers will make to the budget, Republicans at the Capitol are hopeful the
majority of the budget remains intact. State Senator Dan Feyen of Fond du Lac
is one of those people, and he says the budget passed by the senate will benefit
everyone in Wisconsin. “The Joint Finance Committee put together a very good
budget, a very responsible budget for all Wisconsinites,” Feyen said. “It
invests in the key priorities of our state, and it also has a tax cut of up to
516-million dollars to put money back into the pockets of hard working Wisconsinites.”
Governor Evers requested the budget be sent to him late last week. He has six
days (excluding Sunday), to sign it, veto parts of it, or veto the entire bill.
The Governor has said that all options are on the table when reviewing the