Fight Breaks Out At Railroad Crossing

You’ve probably thought about it, but never acted on it. You’re sitting at the railroad crossing, watching rail car after rail car pass by. And you become irritated.

Two truck drivers felt the same angst Tuesday morning, and took that anger out on each other.

Local authorities were called just before 6:50 a.m. Tuesday (1/11/2022) morning, to the intersection of N. Hickory St. and W. Rolling Meadows Dr., where it was reported two truck drivers became agitated while waiting for the train to clear.

The two men had exited their trucks and were fighting in the road, and when approached by officers, both said they were irritated with the train and the backup of traffic at the intersection.

The two truck drivers, a 61-year old male and a 57-year old male, were both cited for Disorderly Conduct.