Filing for Financial Aid Over the Summer

School’s out for summer, but it’s always a good time to take a look at filing for financial aid. But between the FAFSA forms and figuring out your parents taxes, things can get a bit confusing and frustrating. 

Financial Aid Specialist at Moraine Park Technical College Triena Bodart tells us help is available for anyone. She says “I would hope that students would ask. A lot of times our students say well I won’t qualify or my parents don’t want to do the work or you need information that I can’t get. And we can walk students through just about any situation. It’s really important for students to understand that every student is eligible for financial aid.”

Bodart also says that students have a lot of time to file for aid, and that “the biggest thing students should realize is they can apply for financial aid starting October first the fall semester prior to starting the upcoming fall year. So if they want to apply for financial aid for this upcoming fall, the application was open last October.” 

Bodart adds that it’s really a matter of taking the time to fill out the boxes for the FAFSA forms – which should take about half an hour to complete.