Final Candidate Interviews For Superintendent Held Thursday

The final candidate for the position of FDL School District Superintendent had a chance to introduce himself to the city of Fond du Lac yesterday. Dr. Jeff Fleig is currently the principal for South Milwaukee High School.

Dr. Fleig told the virtual audience that where he is as an educator today, started back in his LaCrosse Central days, where he was the principal for five years and assistant principal for six years. “I began a journey of truly understanding and work with others who don’t look like me, and maybe do not see school the way I see school.” Dr. Fleig also shared what’s really important to him in a school atmosphere. “I make decisions based on what’s in the best interest of students at all times. We are the change. We are the dream weavers. We have to support their dreams and their aspirations of what they want to do when they leave our system.”

The School Board is set to meet Thursday afternoon where they will conduct final interviews with each of the three candidates.