Finalists For FDL School District Superintendent Answer Tough Questions

The three finalists have been selected for Superintendent of the Fond du Lac School District, with three days of meet and greets going on virtually. Aaron Sadoff, currently Superintendent of the North Fond du Lac School District, was first up Monday, and one of the questions he was was asked was what are the keys to attracting and retaining employees in the district.

“What I can tell you is that the reason I believe you can retain staff is that you invest in people and culture.” Sadoff says money is part of the equation, but it shouldn’t be the focus when hiring employees. “Money is something. You need to pay enough so people feel they are valued. But then more so than that there are three things that as an employer you can create an atmosphere of. Number one is purpose, that what they are doing makes a difference. Number two, that they have autonomy. That they have the ability to make decisions and move within the parameters of the laws and policies. And three is mastery. Getting people in the position where they can be successful.”

Another parent asked Sadoff what he would do, if chosen as superintendent, to dismantle what is described as a toxic environment racially. “When I talk about happiness and positivity it’s not fake. It’s called being authentic. There’s a difference. The key thing about positivity is about that determination, that work ethic, that being honest about things.” Sadoff was quick to point out that a key to improving most situations is the attitude that is brought to the table. “Happiness will not breakdown and dismantle the racism that we have. But being in a positive emotional state, working together and collaborating with all, that’s how we’re going to be able to solve those things.”

The virtual public sessions continue today running from noon to 1p, and then again from 6-7p, and will feature Jeridon Clark who currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Mequon-Thiensville School District.