Fink Endorses Waldschmidt for Sheriff

Sheriff Mick Fink is endorsing Captain Ryan Waldschmidt in his run to take over as Fond du Lac County Sheriff. Fink is retiring in January after serving in the Sheriff’s Office for the past 37 years. Waldschmidt joined in 1998 as a part-time deputy reserve – and has served in several roles over the past twenty years. 

Fink says Waldschmidt has a great combination of skills and experience for the job. He tells us “he possesses both common sense – he’s got that skill set, he’s got the intellectual skill set, and he’s been in the fox hole. And you will see leaders, being chiefs or sheriffs that when it hits the fan, whatever it may be – that’s when the inexperience shows at the most inopportune times, and then you get bad outcomes.”

The sheriff adds “I have never saw, since I’ve been here – and I’ve been here since 1981
– any of the former sheriff’s have ever taken their decision to endorse a
candidate lightly. They have always given a lot of thought, they have always
looked at the person.”

Waldschmidt is squaring off against Patrolman Mike Norton in the race for sheriff. The election is set for August 14th