Fire Damages Home In Mt Calvary


Firefighters have been called back out to the scene of this house fire. It rekindled this afternoon. 

Fire damaged a home on Fond du Lac County Highway G in Mt. Calvary Friday morning. Mt. Calvary Fire Chief Mark Petrie says it appears the cause of the fire was electrical. He says it originated in an electrical junction box, it followed an open spot in the wall that may have been an old chimney and it went through the first floor where most of the damage was concentrated. He says there was fire, smoke and water damage. The house was being remodeled and no one was living in it. He says it had just been painted and the owner had the family’s personal possessions loaded in a truck he planned to move into the house next week. Chief Petrie says his department and seven others did a good job battling the blaze to save the home.The house is located at N8568 County Highway G. The time of the fire call was 6:36 a.m. Mt. Calvary Fire Department photo. 

Fire damaged a home in Mt. Calvary this morning. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says a passerby called in the fire at 6:36 a.m. The house at N8568 County Highway G was being remodeled and wasn’t occupied when the blaze started. Olig says fire officials reported there was a lot of smoke damage to the home, but not a lot of fire damage.