Fire Department Budget Needs Reviewed

Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue Chief Peter O’Leary gave the City Council Wednesday night an overview of his department’s budget needs. He says they have four items on their capital improvement projects list for 2016. He says they need an emergency generator for Station #3, which would be last firehouse that needs an emergency generator. They also need a fire station alerting system. Also on the list is a public safety training center for both police and fire. He says the City’s Community Development Director Dyann Benson has been looking for land that would suit that need. He says they also need three automated CPR machines. He says unlike automatic external defibrillators, which shocks a patient the automated CPR machines do chest compressions for long periods of time, which can be an issue on rural calls that put them further away from a hospital. O’Leary told City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan that he is very mindful of taxpayer money when he puts together budget requests.