Fire Drills At Schools Create Some Concern In Wake Of Florida School Shooting

Even something as simple as a fire drill at a school has caused concerns in the wake of the shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 people. Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue officials say they got calls from schools in the last week about whether fire drills should be run because it might upset some students. There have been some reports that the shooter in Florida pulled fire alarms in the school.  Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary feels the drills should be run because they are about school safety as are the active shooter drills the department participates in. He says, “It is critically important and we are continuing to work with our school district as we continue to do with our police department. We meet on a monthly basis to talk about school safety. They have the training they have these active shooter trainings. We want to ensure the safety of these children. It is very, very important to us. It’s a critical mission of ours.” Chief O’Leary says they sent department personnel to St. Mary’s Springs Academy for a fire drill this week. He says, “To try to ease the minds of students and staff. We will do that anywhere if KFIZ wants to do it we will be here for their fire drill. We will do it anywhere and that is our commitment to this community.”