Fire Leads To Evacuation Of Apartments On Morningside Drive

Tenants of the English Meadows Apartments at 186 Morningside Drive were evacuated for a fire early this morning. Fond du Lac firefighters were dispatched at 1:43 a.m. Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase says the fire was restricted to a sofa-table combination. Someone had used a fire extinguisher in the hallway to extinguish the fire, but firefighters checked it out to make sure it was fully extinguished. He says a woman in the apartment had left a candle unattended. He says the candle was lit on the table next to the couch and they found some melted wax on top of it. Haase says most of the damage was actually created by the extinguisher. The smoke alarm in the apartment had been disconnected. No one was injured. Fire Department photos.