Fire Safety Reminders for College Students

Living in college housing can be a bit questionable at times – with patchwork homes and unfamiliar neighbors. Some houses even have multiple units with several tenants who may not know each other. 

Fond du Lac Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase reminds people to be aware of what’s going on around them – and to always know the quickest way out in a worst-case scenario, because “here you don’t know who’s cooking. And you don’t know what they’re cooking or where they’re cooking it – what they’re smoking or not smoking. There’s other people that are putting you at risk. So make sure you know your way out of the room and out of your building. Remember where you’re at. Make sure if you’re cooking, you’re being careful, because you’re putting someone else at risk as well.”

Haase also believes that “kids that are in the dorms – they are probably a bit safer because you
have people keeping an eye on them. The ones that really are really in a
threat, that have the most chance of something happening is in the fraternity
houses and off-campus living.”

For the students in residence halls – and another general tip – Haase says to familiarize yourself with the building, “because when the fire hits, when there’s a fire in the building – it’s
going to be heavy smoke and fire, hot, it’s going to push you to the floor,
you’re going to be crawling on the floor – you might not be able to tell which
door is an exit.”