Firearms Stolen During Rash of Daytime Burglaries in FDL County

Since the end of October, the Fond du Lac County
Sheriff’s Office has dealt with at least five daytime burglaries where suspect
stole cash and a total of about seventeen firearms. The burglaries happened in
the townships of Friendship and Eldorado – where the homes are believed to have
been targeted and were not locked. 

Detective Lieutenant Cameron McGee tells us “there seems to be an uptick in the last month – since late October into early November and now we’re into December a little bit.”

One recent burglary happened between 9:00am
and 4:30pm last week Wednesday – another happening in the Town of Eldorado sometime on
Sunday. Investigators say they found no useful evidence in the case and have no
suspects or leads at this time. 

The owner of nine of the weapons didn’t know the
serial numbers, but the other owner kept a list of theirs – which are now in
the FBI National Crime
Information Center

database. Deputies are asking residents to be vigilant and to lock your doors. 

McGee also asks residents “if anybody’s
witness suspicious activity, such as someone knocking on the door asking for
directions or looking for someone – immediately contact us and report it so we
can get somebody out there to talk to you. And we’re also asking anybody who
has home security cameras to check them and report anything that they may deem
as suspicious during times that they’re away.”

Anyone with
information about similar crimes or information that may help investigators
find those responsible is asked to contact the Fond du Lac County
Sheriff’s Office. 

The missing firearms include: 

Taurus PT709 9mm handgun, serial #TJS18701

Hipoint 45 semi auto with Woodland camo grip, serial #X4340416
Remington 870 shotgun, serial #AB590027U

Remington 700 deer rifle bolt action with Nikon scope, serial #56249316
Remington model 710 bolt action 30.06 rifle, serial #71254121
Hipoint model C9 semi auto handgun, serial #P100002658

Remington model 770 bolt action rifle
Heritage 22 caliber revolver
Remington model 742 .308
Remington 1100 12-gauge camo/synthetic 
Traditions 50 caliber muzzle loader, nickle finish
Remington Ducks Unlimited 30.06, black in color
Traditions over-under 12 gauge
Winchester 1200 12-gauge camo
Thompson Contender 30-30 with .223 barrel