Fireworks Are Illegal And Dangerous

Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says fireworks are dangerous and unpredictable. He says the fireworks that you buy at a roadside stand are mostly illegal especially if they fly up in the air and explode. He says the permit you may get at one of those stands doesn’t give you permission to set off the fireworks you buy. O’Leary demonstrated some fireworks he purchased at a Town of Oshkosh fireworks stand. Most had short fuses and a few didn’t go off. He says children shouldn’t be setting off fireworks and especially if they don’t have adult supervision. O’Leary placed the firecrackers inside bell peppers, tomatoes and a rotten potato to demonstrate the damage they can do. He says now image them in little hands and the hands of those who get a little bold. As for sparklers O’Leary says they reach 1,000 degrees so giving them to a young child or one that is barefoot is not a good idea. He says you should always keep a bucket of water on hand and light fireworks on a non-combustible surface if you are going to set them off. He advises leaving the fireworks to the professionals who are hired for a community’s fireworks display.