Florida Man With Fondy Ties Wins Cash Raffle

David Jost of Florida was the winner of the $50,000 Samaritan Cash Raffle, announced Wednesday on KFIZ.

Shawn Fisher, Executive Director of the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation, made the announcement, along with naming the other 19 winners.

For the past several years, Marcie Jost has been an SSM Health Greater Fond du Lac Region Volunteer. Wednesday, as she volunteered again, she received the surprise of a lifetime when her son, Dave Jost, currently residing in Florida, was randomly drawn as the $50,000 cash prize winner of the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation’s Samaritan Cash Raffle.

In fact, Marcie was present at the moment of the drawing having spent the morning selling tickets at SSM Health St. Agnes Hospital.

“I buy tickets each year and I had talked to my son just a few nights ago, and I said I was going to volunteer today and that I was happy to be able to come and do that,” Marcie says. “He asked about the tickets and I said I was going to buy some. He said, ‘buy me one too.’ And, I said, ‘OK I will.’ I bought one for him, two of them for myself, and one for my daughter. And, he won. I’m so excited and so happy for him. I hope he shares with his sister,” Marcie adds laughing.

The SSM Health Samaritan Clinic provides health care to around 500 underinsured patients annually. The clinic works to provide a full spectrum of care, helping individuals to navigate insurance options, finding a primary care provider and working with local community resources if other needs arise. This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Samaritan Clinic.

“I support the Samaritan Cash Raffle because it goes for a good cause,” according to Marcie. “I feel really good about all the services that SSM Health offers in our community. I am feeling ecstatic today and very thankful to God that I am here.”

More than 4,800 tickets were sold in this year’s raffle with the cash raffle raising approximately $125,000. All money raised by the Agnesian HealthCare Foundation stays local.

“We are very fortunate to live in a community where so many completely support one another – whenever, or wherever a need develops,” says Shawn Fisher, Agnesian HealthCare Foundation executive director. “I hear firsthand how patients and families benefit from the care provided through the Samaritan Clinic. With the community’s continued support, we can ensure that the present and future health care needs of our community are being met and exceeded.”

Other prize winners include:

 *   Second prize, $10,000: Kathy Krueger, Fond du Lac
 *   Third prize, $5,000: Gadiel Renteria, Fond du Lac
 *   Fourth & Fifth prizes, $2,500: Donna Whealon, Fond du Lac; David Knueppel, Fond du Lac
 *   Sixth to 10th prizes, $1,000: Anissa Keller, Lomira; Mason Sprague, North Fond du Lac; Kristina Haensgen, Beaver Dam; Cecilia Krolczyk, Fond du Lac; Tom Cihowiak, Neenah
 *   11th to 20th prizes, $500: Suzanne Welsch, Fond du Lac; Maureen Klotz, Fond du Lac; Adalyn Leonard, Windor, CA; Joel Roessger, Germantown; Amy Hensel, Eldorado: Jeff Voland, Kiel; Wayne Sobetta, Fond du Lac; Robert Kraus, Fond du Lac; Renee Thelen, Eden; Julie Lavey, Fond du Lac

The Samaritan Cash Raffle was assisted by many community partners and sponsors, including: Baker Cheese Factory, Inc., Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, Michels Corporation, Shea Electric & Communications, LLC, the Fond du Lac Medical Society, and Society Insurance.

Co-chairs Dr. Brenda Grass and Steve Walber, Fox Valley Savings Bank president, were also on hand for the drawing and served as the 2022 co-chairpersons.