Fond du Lac Chosen As One Of Two Cities For Alliant Energy “Project Empowerment”

If all goes as planned, a number of sustainable energy improvements could be made in Lakeside Park by summer of 2021. In a report given by City of Fond du Lac Director of Public Works Jordan Skiff, Alliant Energy has chosen Fond du Lac and Platteville as potential recipients of major sustainable projects. Skiff said the goal would be to make lighting improvements at Lakeside Park. The new lighting poles would feature WiFi repeaters, potentially five cameras located near the marina, pavilion and also cameras located near the playground, cross walk and train area located on N. Main St. The new lighting poles would have the capability of housing a Digital LED banner, allowing messages that could be changed instantaneously, as well as the potential of speakers capable of playing music and specific messages during events like Walleye Weekend. The project could be worth $400,000 in upgrades to the city.