Fond du Lac Could Be Home To Next “Destination Playground”

The concept began back in 2017. To create a ball field that would welcome kids with physical disabilities.

That concept could become a much bigger if all the proper pieces fall into place.

In a presentation made to City Council, City Manager Joe Moore and Director of Puplic Works Paul DeVries showed what could happen to the current Plamore Park, located on a full city block at the corner of Division St. and Thomas St. in Fond du Lac.

The original concept was brought forth by a local family, and would include a ball field that would be home to softball games featuring kids with disabilities. The games typically draw participants from all over the region.

If the new project moves forward, the Plamore Park location would become a “Destination Playground/Park” and would feature an all-inclusive playground, along with the Miracle League ball field.

City Manager Joe Moore told Council that a partnership could be formed with Brooke Industries, with continued fundraising being taken on by Brooke Industries. Mr. DeVries informed Council that the DNR has approved a $305,000 grant which would assist greatly in getting Phase 1 of the plan off the ground.

Mr. DeVries also said a local company has stepped up, and has offered a sizeable “in kind” donation to help in the construction of the plan. DeVries said he was not at liberty at this time to mention the company or the size of the in-kind donation.

City Manager Moore also said he thought ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Funds, provided by the U.S. Treasury as part of the COVID relief plan, could be tapped for up to $1 million, which would take the project to a whole new level.

The matter will continue to be discussed at future meetings, but the idea brought a three-word comment from Councilman Keith Heisler, who said “I am stoked!”