Fond du Lac County Qualifies for Federal Disaster Funding

Fond du Lac County will qualify for federal funding
for local government costs related to the cleanup and restoration following
multiple tornadoes back in August. The area incurred $409,100 in costs from
those storms. Emergency Management Director Bobbi Hicken tells us assistance
would also be available for individual homeowners. 

She says “there are
certain requirements to be eligible for that individual assistance. And if and
when the president does approve our requests, then we would receive additional
information from the federal government as far as who would qualify, the steps
that need to be taken, and how much people would be able to be reimbursed.”

Hicken adds that “we did have one destroyed home, they did categorize six of the homes they looked at as being major damage – and then about sixteen of them being minor or affected. That does not mean that those are the only homes that qualify for assistance or that is exactly how many homes were affected in Fond du Lac County.”

Hicken also points out that any kid of relief is going to make a
major impact. She explains that 
“while we
don’t have the numbers that other counties – such as Dane County had with the
flooding – or some of the other counties, we have incurred a lot of expenses
and $409,000 for a county Fond du Lac County’s size is a lot of money and it is
a big impact. So any kind of reimbursement or cost offset we can receive is going
to be very helpful to everyone.”

Governor Walker is requesting federal disaster aid for a
total of eighteen counties – including
Green Lake, and Dodge. The president still has
to approve the federal funding suggested by FEMA.