Fond du Lac Crime Rates Dropped in 2017

The Fond du Lac Police Department is releasing a report on crime-related statistics from 2017. 

The crime rate in the city has been dropping over the past three years, with last year marking the lowest rate in the past ten years. The property crime rate fell six-percent, with 903 index crimes. 

Theft remains the most common crime, with 79-percent of all crimes being thefts. The violent crime rate also dropped 15-percent from 2016 to 2017 with aggravated assaults down 26-percent and forcible rapes down 18-percent. 

There were 19 robberies, which is the highest number seen in the past decade. A majority of those are drug related. There was also one homicide in Fond du Lac last year – the first since July of 2015.