Fond du Lac, Racine Ranked #1 and #5 In Nation For Wage Growth

It’s not hard to find information on a daily basis that takes the wind out of your sail. Despite all that is going on locally, regionally and nationally, Fond du Lac finds itself in a key metropolitan area that just received a #1 ranking, for wage gains. In fact, two other regions also garnered high rankings, with Racine coming in fifth and the Sheboygan area coming in 35th, out of a total of 389 metro areas ranked. 

The data was released in an article by BloombergQuint, and credited the Foxconn development in the Racine market as a major factor in raising hourly salaries and spurring more manufacturing growth and a healthy availability of above-average hourly jobs in the region. According to the report, hourly pay in the Fond du Lac and Racine corridor has rose more than 25% in just the past year.