Fond du Lac School District Set to Send Referendum Survey

The Fond du Lac School District is developing a survey for residents – to ask their opinions on pieces of a potential $134 million dollar referendum. The referendum would fund interior and exterior changes, help schools comply with ADA requirements, and improve classrooms. But Superintendent Jim Sebert says it would also accommodate money from state school security grants – and go towards making major security changes at several schools. 

Sebert tells us “part of this facilities study is every school – we only have one school right now – Rosenow, when we remodeled Rosenow we put in a secure entrance. And what that means is you’ve got locked doors in the front, you have a vestibule with another set of locked doors, and in between – in that vestibule – is the secretary. A window into the office. Then we’ll have that system where we can do a background check.”

He adds that “schools built in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s – who was thinking about
that? You certainly weren’t. So today, hopefully with the community’s support,
put some pieces in place that make our schools more safe and secure. And
continue to provide great opportunities for kids as well.”

Survey questions are expected to see final approval at next week’s board meeting – and Sebert hopes to send out the surveys on September 24th. The board hopes to review the results in late October, and use them to shape the structure of the referendum they hope to place on the April ballot.