Fond du Lac’s 50/50 Store Closing It’s Doors

Inflation, rising costs of goods and the aftermath of COVID are the primary reasons being given for the owner of Fond du Lac’s 50/50 Party Outlet Store closing the store.

Scott Lystrup, who bought the store 8 years ago along with three other stores in Wisconsin announced the closing Thursday, September 22.

Lystrup said he will miss the buying trips, and trying to figure out what kind of products people will want to buy in his stores. He also says he will miss the smiles his customers get, knowing they are going to have a great party with the supplies they got from the store.

Lystrup stated in the years following the COVID pandemic, sales have been down.

A store closing sales event started on Wednesday.

The store will be selling all merchandise, fixtures and equipment until it is gone.

The 50/50 Party Outlet Store has been in Fond du Lac for 40 years.