Fondy Food Pantry To Receive Holiday Food Boxes Thanks To Alliant Energy

With just a week left before Christmas, the timing could not be better. Alliant Energy announced on Wednesday that Fond du Lac is one of 14 communities across Iowa and Wisconsin to receive Holiday food boxes through a new Holiday food box program. According to Feeding America, more than 80 percent of food banks nationwide are serving more people than last year. Because of that, Alliant Energy is partnering with Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin to provide 1,000 food boxes to families in Wisconsin, with Fondy Food Pantry one of the recipients. The food boxes contain potatoes, turkey gravy, canned vegetables, cranberry sauce and ingredients for sugar cookies. The boxes also contain shelf-stable food including macaroni and cheese and cereal. In addition to the food boxes, families will receive a gift certificate to purchase meat from a local grocery store.