Fondy High Choirs Honored in California

Fond du Lac High School had their choirs at a major competition in California this past week.  There were 37 choirs from across the nation at the festival and four competition categories (Concert Choirs, Women’s Choirs, chamber Choirs, and Jazz/Show Choirs).  Every choir got a rating of either gold, silver, bronze, or no label based on points scored.  Out of all the choirs, the top three in each category are ranked in first. second, or third place.  For the first time ever, ALL three of Fondy’s groups got golds and places.  In Concert Choir category Concert Choir received First place.  In the Women’s choir category Concert Treble choir received second place, and in the Chamber Choir category, Cardinal Singers received third place.  Concert choir also was selected for an overall Adjudicator’s Award.  All three groups were also invited to Festival of Gold in 2015 with performance sites at Carnegie Hall in NY, Orchestra Hall in Chicago, and Disney Hall in Orlando.  Also due to outstanding character and support for each other and other groups, Fondy won the Spirit of Anaheim Award.